Managing Your Casual Relationship (Advice For Guys)

Casual Sex Relationship Sydney

When you start dating with casual sex in Sydney, there are a few things you are going to notice as you meet more women.

Many of these women will do some stereotypical things and as a guy looking for casual booty calls, you will probably take note.

Here are 5 such things that women tend to do in Sydney casual sex relationships and how, as the guy, you can handle them:

1 – Girls Get Emotional

One of the stereotypical things that women do when with guys is that they get emotional. Though not all women do this, many do.

As a guy, you probably aren’t sure how to handle something like this.

The truth is, scientists have found that women have a higher emotional intelligence than men do, so this extra emotion comes naturally.

If you are in a casual relationship and your partner is too emotional, you should help her realise what she is doing. Usually that is all it will take.

2 – Girls Always Want a Relationship

Another stereotypical thing that you might notice about women when casually dating is that they tend to want a relationship more than men do.

Keep in mind that there are, of course, many men who want relationships at some point.

However, when in a casual sex relationship, if one partner wants more, it is typically the woman.

Make sure that you tell her from the start that you like her as a person, but just not interested in a relationship.

3 – Girls Are Very Concerned With Looks

You might also find that women are very concerned with their looks. Many women take pride in how they look, but sometimes it can be detrimental to the relationship.

When you are in a relationship that is based on casual sex, you probably aren’t too concerned about her clothing, hair and makeup right?

After all, the clothes will likely end up on the floor, the makeup smudged and the hair will get messy.

To get her to put more focus on sex and less on her looks, ensure that she knows you think she is attractive no matter what.

You can also tell her that you think ‘less is more’ when it comes to things like makeup.

4 – Girls Are Shy in the Bedroom

Many men who are in casual relationships with women might find that women are a bit shy in the bedroom.

This is especially the case when the relationship first begins. As the guy, you can help her to feel more at ease in the bedroom by helping to raise her confidence.

When she feels more confident, she will open up more…and this will ensure that you get better sex.

5 – Girls Read Into Everything

Finally, you will find that many women will read into everything you do when in a relationship.

Sometimes this means nothing, but other times you might want to do a bit of evaluation of your own.

For instance, when having sex if you refer to her as ‘baby,’ she might take that to mean you think of her as more than a casual partner.

For some women, they might see this as a good thing, other women might see this as a bad thing.

Make sure that you are always clear with your intentions when in these relationships and if you can, be careful with what you say.

You don’t want to give her the wrong impression of what you are looking for.

Though there are certainly stereotypes for women, don’t forget, women also have stereotypes for men when in a Sydney casual sex relationship.

The best thing to do is to try to forget about the stereotypes and just see the person you are with as she is.