Casual Sex Tips For Women

Sydney Casual Sex Partner

As a woman in Sydney who is looking for casual sex, you will definitely find that you will have your choice of eligible men.

However, there are some things that you will want to keep in mind about how your relationship should be.

One of the things that you should be sure you never bring up when looking for guys for Sydney casual sex is your ex boyfriend(s).

Talking about your ex-boyfriends is never a good idea when looking for a casual fling for a couple of reasons.

To learn more and find out four reasons why he doesn’t want to hear about your ex-boyfriend, read on:

1 – He is Afraid He Might Be Compared to Your Ex-Boyfriend in the Bedroom
One reason that a guy will not want to hear about your ex-boyfriend is because he has a fear that he will be compared to your ex when it comes to sex.

When is a relationship that is based on sex, obviously the sexual side of things is very important.

Because of this, you want to make sure that you aren’t bringing up anything even remotely similar about your new casual partner and an ex boyfriend.

You won’t him to get the wrong idea or think that you are comparing them with each other. Instead, it is best to leave the past in the past.

2 – He Doesn’t Want to Think About You with Other Guys
Another reason that a guy you are seeing for casual sex won’t want to hear about your ex-boyfriends is because he doesn’t want to think about you having sex with other men.

You see, even though this is just a casual relationship without a commitment, he still won’t be interested in thinking about you with other guys.

Though you might see this as possessive, it really isn’t. Instead, it is just him keeping your past behind you and instead, putting more focus on the present.

This is actually good for you too, as you probably don’t want to be worried about his ex-girlfriends either.

3 – He is Worried You Might Want to Get Back with Your Ex
You also might find that a guy who is looking for casual sex might be worried you will go back with your ex if you keep talking about your ex.

If he hears you talking about your ex-boyfriend, he might see this entire arrangement as a waste of his time.

Though this is not a relationship that will have commitment, you will probably find that guys like to sleep with the same girl over and over again and become friendly with her.

If he believes that you might go back to your ex, he will certainly not be interested in setting up any type of casual arrangement.

4 – He Just Wants to Deal with Sex and Sex Only
Many times when in a Sydney casual sex relationships, you will find that guys just aren’t interested in anything other than sex.

With these guys, they aren’t interested in hearing about your past, they don’t really need to know what you have planned for the future and you will likely find that they only want to get down to business and get to the good part…the sex.

If a guy like this hears you talking about an ex-boyfriend, he will likely get bored and go look for another girl to get sex from.

This means you will need to start looking for another guy if you want to keep having sex. Instead, it will be best to just focus on the present and leave the past alone.