Tips for Enjoying Casual Sex in Sydney

Sex in Sydney

It really doesn’t matter which type of relationship you are in from a marriage or traditional relationship to one that is totally casual.

Even if you are with someone who you just see for Sydney casual sex, there is no woman who is going to want to hear about other women you have dated.

There are many reasons why women don’t want to hear about an ex-girlfriend and when you understand the reasons why, you can be sure to use caution when talking about them.

You definitely don’t want to have to give up casual sex because your partner is offended. Here are six of the many reasons you should stay quiet:

1 – She is Afraid You Are Comparing Her to Your Ex in the Bedroom
One reason why your Sydney casual sex partner might not want to hear about your ex-girlfriend is because she doesn’t want to be compared to your ex in the bedroom.

Even if you are only in a casual relationship that isn’t committed, it can still hurt her feelings if she thinks you might be doing some comparisons. If you think about it, you probably wouldn’t want to be compared to her exes either.

2 – She is Afraid She Might Not Be As Attractive as Your Ex
Another reason a woman might not want to hear you talk about your ex-girlfriend is that she might think you believe your ex is prettier than she is. Women will often compare themselves to other women, especially those who might have been with the men they are currently seeing. In order to stay out of this situation, it is best to simply not even mention your exes.

3 – She is Afraid You Won’t Focus on Right Now
You might also notice when being with someone for casual sex is that she isn’t really even interested in the past, she just wants sex with you right now. Typically, hearing you talk about an ex will not turn her on and when in a casual relationship, being turned on is what she wants!

4 – She is Afraid That the Relationship Will Not Be About the Two of You
Women will also not want to listen to you talk about exes from the past because she only wants this relationship to be about the two of you. Even if this is a casual relationship based online on sex, she still won’t want to worry about people from your past. Instead, she will want to only focus on you and her.

5 – She is Afraid She Might be Jealous of the Time You Spent with Your Ex
You could also see that a woman might get a bit jealous about the time you have spent with your ex in the past and because of that, she won’t want to hear about it. Again, just because this might be a casual relationship, that doesn’t mean she won’t get jealous. Most women will get jealous, even if there is no commitment in the relationship.

6 – She is Afraid You Might Want to Get Back with Your Ex
Finally, you will find that she may believe you want to get back with your ex if you talk about her a lot. This could definitely be a problem even when in a casual relationship.

For example, if she feels like this, she could go off and leave you alone with no sex. You also might find that she just isn’t interested in sex with you anymore if she thinks this.

Of course if this happens, you will need to go through finding another partner for casual sex in Sydney.

As you can imagine, this can be a hassle and you will be better off keeping quiet and never bringing any ex up, even when in a casual rel